Globally Bold.

We created a dynamic, impactful design with a consistent global brand narrative and a cohesive yet flexible design system that allows for local market needs.

Our Challenge.

To take the hugely successful Doritos global brand and harmonise its brand expression in a highly customer relevant way. To create a consistent architecture with enough flex to respond to specific market needs.

Our Solution.

After extensive customer immersion in several major cities, from Istanbul to Mexico City, we unearthed the consistent drivers for the key audience. Using these globally relevant insights we created a set of visual codes that could bring the brand narrative to life on a global scale. With different cultures came different needs, resulting in design elements that are flexible enough to address any culture’s specific market nuances, whilst the key equities are leveraged consistently on-pack.

what we did

Global Insights.
NPD & Innovation.

Our Result.

Pepsi-Co’s most successful global launch with a 6% sales uplift and perhaps more insightful the product was chosen by the US Police Department as a free product that was given out to festival goers at the first legalised cannabis music events with labels attached explaining how to stay safe at the event, showing that the brand truly connects with its target consumer.

Our Result.

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