Little Angels

Moving Forward with Baby Steps.

Our Challange.

When Asda came to us, Little Angels had grown and grown over time and lost some of its credibility, consistency and brand ownership. Our challenge was to create a stronger brand positioning and graphic ownership, whilst also allowing controlled flex to be appropriate across various product categories from feeding to bath toys and everything inbetween.

Our Solution.

Our brand positioning puts parents at the heart of the brand with a graphical execution that supports mums and dads throughout their parenting journey.

what we did


Our Results.

A reassuring positioning with enchanting and effective design appeals to parents at every stage of their babies development. Soft water colours and bespoke illustrations are brought to life throughout the range. Endearing copy and helpful claims ensure that parents can completely trust the Little Angels brand.

Our Result.

From nappies to food and beyond, we covered all baby’s needs improving an already well loved brand to move it forward and attract brand love from future parents and generations to come.

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