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A Fresh Lick of Paint Needed for the DIY Sector.

May 5, 2021



DIY brands are failing to keep up with the progressive market. Millennials and Gen Z proved themselves capable of DIY in 2020. In previous years phrases like ‘DDI’ (Dad’ll do it) have created headlines suggesting the youth of today simply cannot DIY. But last year, record figures showed young people engaging in home maintenance and becoming a huge consumer sector. Kingfisher plc (B&Q and Screwfix) gained brilliant profits thanks to Club 18-30 picking up their hammers and slapping on some paint. DIY aisles are no longer the stomping ground of middle-aged men, except we’ve found it’s gone unnoticed by DIY brands.

A more varied customer base has made DIY a progressive sector, but our analysis has found brands are failing to respond. Take power tools; there is an assumption that only burly men buy them, which simply isn’t true. We all need them for hanging frames and assembling Ikea furniture, but current branding doesn’t consider us worthy buyers. Products are wrongly marketed and, in some cases, wrongly made too. DIY needs to be accessible and inclusive – and when we say inclusive, women don’t want neon pink power drills. But are petite tool belts really too much to ask for? Tools need to be ergonomically designed, lighter to handle and branded to attract all customers – without losing power and performance. Painting is at the top of the agenda this year, making it a lucrative sector. The paint market has been stagnant for the past ten years, with a few big names monopolising it, without any real competition.

Recently, however, there has been a rise in online brands such as Lick, Coat Paints and The Pickleson Paint Co., which have optimised their social media presence and stirred up the market. Lick has also opposed packaging norms, creating ergonomic, screw-top dispensers that make pouring easier and ensure airtight storage. Traditional brands mustn’t naively assume their heritage will save them; instead, they must rise to the challenge, giving their products a fresh lick of paint.

With the demographic shifting and more people partaking in DIY, it is an exciting time for the industry, but it will reveal which brands have the tenacity to change. When it comes to changing your branding and strategy, please refrain from doing it yourself.

At OurCreative we know precisely how to push brands to be braver, bolder and more ground-breaking. We keep ahead of shopping trends, making disruptive and exciting brands that will lead the market. Driven by curiosity and consumer attitudes, our brands are believed in.

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