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Cheap Date

June 8, 2021



Yes, that’s how I was affectionately known by my gorgeous friends during our heyday in the 90s rave scene. I’ve never been a big drinker, don’t get me wrong I love a cocktail or two, but that’s about my lot. Back in the day I was the odd one out in a sea of binge drinking, pill popping, party animals.

But times have changed and more and more people are looking to moderate their alcohol consumption in a bid to stay healthy, or, frankly, ensure they don’t get captured on Instagram in an unattractive, drunken mess.

Hard Seltzers are on the rise with contemporary designs that appeal to a modern audience who are still looking for the excitement of an alcoholic treat… BUT… are they all starting to feel a bit samey?

Slim Red Bull style can - Check!

White background - Check!

Nice bit of typography - Check!

You know what I’m saying. Surely there’s a massive opportunity here for brands to tap into the health needs of an experimental group who are looking for products that satisfy their thirst for interesting flavours and desire to manage their own mental health AND do this in a fresh way that really shakes up the category… it’s time to be bold, zig when everyone else zags!

If you like the buzz that alcohol gives you Professor David Nutt, an ex-government drug advisor, is researching and producing Sentia, an alternative to alcoholic spirits, which gives the feeling of being tipsy, but never drunk and without the alcohol poisoning or hangovers.

COVID has put increased pressure on much of the nation, managing isolation, feelings of loneliness and disconnection as well as anxiety and the pressures of home schooling, working from home and financial instability.

Mood enhancement is big business, you only need to look at the growth of CBD products for proof of this. Making a move into the wellbeing space opens up the opportunity for drinks brands to tap into this growing consumer need. Great tasting adult flavours are a no-brainer but adding functional, mood enhancing, health benefits adds a whole other dimension eg the healing properties of natural remedies like Lemon Balm, Valerian or Hemp to aid sleep or help those suffering from anxiety.

So how can consumers take control of their emotions and get into the ZONE?

Want our opinion on the future of drinks? Here’s an insight into how we think and create.

Introducing ZONE, a bold, mindful and unapologetic drink that puts ‘Mind Thirst’ above all else. ZONE is for people who want a sensorial experience – without compromising their wellbeing. These low calorie, zero ABV drinks are made from sparkling water and a heady mix of sophisticated and interesting flavour notes. Specialist ingredients have been expertly chosen to transport you to three distinct ‘mindful’ zones. Each ZONE provides a drinking experience that offers just as much taste as their alcoholic counterparts but without the negative effects.




UPLIFT with lemon balm helps reduce anxiety and liven the senses, UNWIND in the tropics with a CBD infusion for relaxation, and finally SUSPEND among the stars with sleep inducing valerian.

Our immersive designs blend aspirational nature photography with euphoric edited portraits, really setting the scene. Undertones of escapism are visually captured across the range, you can almost breathe in the brisk sea breeze or relax under the ethereal, hazy colours of the Northern Lights.

Striking the balance between immersion and escapism, the emotional connection is clear. ZONE captures the needs of experimental audiences, looking for an unrivalled experience, luring them into a heady relaxation space.

Let us take you to the ZONE.

At OurCreative, we’re unapologetic in our unquenchable thirst for consumer knowledge. We want to understand what makes them tick, or not! Our childlike curiosity gets us under the skin of peoples attitudes, always asking why, why, why?

In a world of endless opportunity bold, brave, brands put consumer attitudes at the heart of everything they do to create disruptive and exciting products that will lead the way and shape the brands of the future.

Want to know how we help them create brands that people believe in?

Meet me at Ours, I’ll be the cheap date at the bar!

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