Harringtons Just 6


Building on our long-standing relationship with Inspired Pet Nutrition we were asked to create a premium offering within their Harrington’s product range.

Our Challenge.

To understand the growing needs of pet parents who wanted their pooches to eat clean, enjoying a healthy, nutritious diet that used the best quality ingredients. To stand out from the crowd graphically we quickly realised that we needed to develop the Harrington’s masterbrand scope, allowing it to flex into other customer pillars and continual changing markets.

Our Solution.

Harrington’s is the leading UK supplier of dog food and we’ve worked hard to bring their ‘Natural for All’ proposition to life, simply and coherently. We overtly highlighted to pet parents the 6 simple ingredients in every Just 6 pack, whilst also giving reassurance that these tasty little morsels give all the natural goodness their dog needs. The use of a dark consistent range colour offset with the punchy bright, electric colour palette enables quick shop-ability and easy navigation.

what we did

Brand Identity.

Our Result.

Harrington’s Just 6 has not only become multi award winning but has also been successfully launched into many high street and online retailers. We think the design challenges and disrupts the norm.

Our Result.

Back to work.